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The Steps Leading up to Your Personal Injury Settlement or Trial

Many people are unsure about the ins and outs of the personal injury process and how long it will take for them to achieve compensation for their injuries. Though many personal injury claims will differ from the next, there are many steps that stay the same and many aspects that you can prepare for.

Timeline of Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Receiving Medical Treatment: After an accident, the first thing that you should do is, of course, receive medical treatment for your injuries. If you have been injured, you should never go without medical treatment. It is the right thing to do for your health and can also better your chances of receiving the best results in your claim when you navigate the legal system. 

Investigation of Medical Records: Once you have spoken with a lawyer of your choosing, there will be an investigation of the medical records. The lawyer will thoroughly review all of your records and your background, as well as any conditions that you have been diagnosed with. Lawyers never want to go into a claim blindfolded, so you should always be forthcoming about your injuries and what you are facing. Your attorney will also help you gather up all of your bills so that you are prepared for what compensation you might receive in your claim.

Negotiation: If your attorney believes that your claim can be settled, they will make a demand and negotiate back and forth on your behalf until you receive the settlement amount that you believe is fairest. Your demand will not be made until you reach maximum medical improvement, which is also known as MMI. This is when you have recovered as much as you are going to. If you are in need of money, you can work with your attorney to come to the best conclusion possible. 

Filing of Lawsuit: If you are unable to reach a settlement, you will move forward with a lawsuit. The clock will start ticking, however, and you must abide by the statute of limitations in your case. These are strict time limits and, if you do not file your claim within them, you might find that you are barred from bringing a claim. 

Discovery Process: The discovery process takes place as a type of investigation to determine what the legal claims and defenses are in a case. This can be a time-consuming process that takes up a large amount of time, which is why it is important to be prepared for this.

Mediation: Lawyers will talk amongst themselves and might even decide that it is best to take your case to mediation before it gets to the trial process, as it might be easier for you emotionally and financially. They will attempt to settle the case one last time.

Trial: Mediation works in the majority of cases. However, if it does not work, then the case will go to trial. Personal injury trial could last a day, a week, or even longer, which can have a huge impact on your life. A trial could get rescheduled again and again. Once the judge or jury reaches a verdict at trial, your case will be complete and you will gain the compensation owed to you.

Working with an Attorney After a Car Accident

As you can see, there are many steps in the legal system process as you work toward compensation. With the help of an attorney, you have a better chance of receiving compensation for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and many other aspects. At Sheftall & Associates, our skilled attorneys are here to help you through this challenging time. Our car accident attorneys in Florida have assisted numerous parties and will support you in your time of need. Please contact our attorneys in Florida at 904-647-2296 for more information.