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The Symptoms of a Concussion Following a Car Accident

In the event of a serious car accident, you may be thrown around by the force of the impact. Because of this, you may receive a blow to the head or be forcefully shaken due to the collision. When the brain hits the inside of the skull, you are likely to receive a traumatic brain injury, which can be life-threatening and even fatal in some cases. If you obtain a concussion due to a car accident, you might be feeling confused about where you can turn. Your injury should be taken seriously and you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

What is a Concussion? 

Concussions are a minor to serious injury of the brain that can impact your brain function in many ways. They are typically caused by a blow to the head, which is why we see them happen in sports games and car accidents. Usually, the impact of a concussion is only temporary such as headaches and problems concentrating. Other times, they can cause a victim to lose consciousness and bring about very serious and permanent damages.

Many people think that they will heal right away after they have received a concussion. Too many people do not take these injuries as serious as others. It is important that concussions are treated carefully because they are actually capable of causing serious damages if they are not attended to. If you suspect a concussion, you should never be without medical care.

Signs and Symptoms of Concussions 

There are many signs and symptoms that might point to a concussion following an accident. Some of these symptoms appear right after you have been injured, while others can take hours or days to show up before you start suffering the devastating and sometimes painful effects. Adults and children share very similar symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, ringing in the ears, headaches, delayed speech, and many other related symptoms. These injuries can be lasting, which can impact every aspect of your life.

Many people who receive permanent injuries associated with concussions will find that they are unable to do many of the things they once enjoyed before their accident. Though it is extremely rare to have permanent injuries due to a concussion, it can happen. Many of these victims will have to miss time at work, give up activities they once enjoyed and might have problems staying focused or accomplishing their daily tasks. It can be extremely scary to endure these times, which is why victims should never have to stand alone.

Seeking Damages After Receiving a Concussion 

After a car accident leads to a concussion, a victim might wonder how they are able to obtain compensation for their damages. Asking for monetary damages can cover aspects like medical bills associated with the injury, lost wages, and property damage to your vehicle. Non-economic damages might include money for pain and suffering and emotional trauma. If you have suffered long-term damage due to a concussion, you want to ensure that you are fairly compensated.

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