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Three Main Types of Driver Distractions on Florida Roads

Three Main Types of Driver Distractions on Florida Roads

In 2018 alone, over 2,841 lives were taken due to distracted driving accidents. These accidents happen when drivers do not have their full attention on the roads around them and tend to lead to some of the most catastrophic and even fatal harm. Drivers do not realize that even the simplest form of multitasking while driving is seen as a distraction and can risk the lives of those who share the roadways.

Distracted driving takes on many forms and is more than the one we hear about the most on the news: texting and driving. Because there are so many ways that these accidents can occur, there are many different acts that drivers must stay aware of while they are out driving. Today we will focus on the three different forms of distracted driving and how they take place.

Types of Distracted Driving 

Cognitive: Cognitive distractions take place when a driver’s mind is not focused on their driving. For example, a person is engaging in this type of distraction when they are too busy talking to a passenger in the vehicle such as a family member or friend. This is also true when drivers are listening to their favorite songs on the radio and singing along because they do not have their full focus on the roads before them. 

Three Main Types of Driver Distractions on Florida RoadsVisual: Visual distractions take place when the driver is looking at things that are not the road in front of them. For instance, if a driver turns around so that they can check their child’s seatbelt, their focus is not on the road. Other examples are using electronic devices such as GPS devices, entertainment systems, and more. 

Manual: Manual distractions take place when a driver takes their hands off of the wheel for any reason. Many examples include eating while driving, adjusting the radio or GPS, or retrieving your purse from the back of the car.

Texting and driving is a special case because it actually uses all three types of distracted driving, which is why it is so dangerous. Not only does it take your attention from the roads, but it also takes your eyes off of what is in front of you and requires the use of your hands.

Avoiding Common Driver Distractions 

There are some tips that you should remember to avoid distracted driving on Florida roadways, including the following:

  • Turn off your cell phone even if it seems important. Nothing is more important than your life.
  • Get a hands-free device if you believe that you could receive emergency calls.
  • Make sure that children are properly in their seats and pets are in carriers before you start traveling.
  • Eat and drink before you hit the road so that you are not tempted to eat while driving.
  • Program your GPS before you leave for your destination.

Speaking with an Attorney After a Distracted Driving Accident

After a Florida car accident involving a distracted driver, it is important that you have a knowledgeable Florida personal injury attorney on your side. We have achieved helping victims obtain compensation for many different types of losses after an accident that is not their fault. Distracted driving accidents can be prevented in many ways. If you have been injured in an accident that is not your fault, please contact a car accident attorney in Florida at (904) 569-6025 for the help you deserve.