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Ways to Spot a Distracted Driver on Florida Roadways

Distracted driving events are growing on our roads, causing serious harm to those who are impacted by these accidents. In just one day’s time, over nine victims are killed in fatal distracted driving accidents. In the blink of an eye, a driver could lose control when they are engaging in distracted driving, which takes on many forms on our roadways.

Many people believe that distracted driving accidents cannot be prevented. However, there are many ways that you can prevent an accident by paying attention and trying to determine when another driver is driving distracted.

Spotting a Distracted Driver on Our Roads

Veering from Center: Always pay attention to the vehicle in front of you. If the vehicle in front of you is veering far from the center lane, then this means that the driver is likely paying attention to something inside their vehicle rather than the road around them. If you see a driver veering too far, you want to ensure that you keep distance between you so that your vehicles do not collide.

Erratic Braking: When drivers are not focused on the roads in front of them, they might not notice when the driver in front of them goes on their brakes. In many cases, if you see a driver repeatedly slamming on their brakes, this could signal distracted driving actions. Those who are driving distracted typically cannot stop in time, which means that they might rear-end the vehicle in front of them. You should always keep your distance so that you can avoid an accident.

Lingering Too Long: Lingering at an intersection instead of pulling forward immediately at a green signal could mean that a driver is driving distracted. Many people will stop at intersections to engage in acts like reading text messages, changing the radio station, and doing many other tasks that they are unable to perform when they are driving. A driver might not even notice an intersection and might drive through a red light as well if they are distracted.

Wearing Headphones: If a driver is wearing headphones while driving, then they likely do not have their full attention on the roads. In Florida, the law states that wearing headphones for anything other than hearing is not permitted while driving. This is a type of multitasking and can cause an accident in the blink of an eye.

How an Attorney Can Help in a Distracted Driving Accident

Distracted driving leads to many accidents every year. As a result, our car accident attorneys at Sheftall & Associates are committed to protecting your rights so that you can move forward during these difficult times. Our attorneys understand the many laws that apply to cases in Florida and will assist you every step of the way as you navigate the legal system. Please contact our attorneys in Florida for the help you deserve at 904-647-2296.