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Excuses After a Car Accident

What Are the Most Common Excuses People Use After Being in a Car Accident?

No one wants to be the reason that a vehicular accident happens. But typically and with few exceptions, when one does, at least one party is to blame. In the state of Florida, the no-fault system applies. This means that there is not a determination of who caused the accident to take place. After a crash, you would connect with your own car insurance policy to file a claim for compensation.

While it is your own insurance company that may pay for your damages, sometimes the damages you suffered were so great, that it could be possible to file a claim against the other party who caused your crash. This is so when the extent of your damages exceeds the amount of coverage you have. 

Because of the complexity that can come with filing a Florida personal injury claim, it is advisable to connect with a legal professional who knows the system and has a proven track record of securing the most compensation for their clients. The Jacksonville car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services and representation to victims that were harmed in Florida car accidents.

How Negligent Parties May Try to Deflect Liability

Excuses After a Car AccidentThere are some people who after an accident have a knee-jerk reaction to immediately say they are sorry for their part. Typically, any Jackson personal injury attorney is going to advise against this. It is best not to say much after a crash even if you believe you may have had some fault. Because once you admit that you could have some fault the insurance company can use this to allege you were completely at fault or mostly culpable. This may not be correct. Then, they will act quickly to use your words as a means of devaluing your claim or denying it. It is best to minimize the chit-chat and let the police, attorneys, and insurance company determine fault.

Still, there are other people that will be deceitful with the words they use and try to deflect responsibility for an accident. There are almost no excuses that are off-limits for these individuals. Some of the most common excuses that a driver may make after a crash include:

  • A drunk driver may say that they only had one drink or that it has been a very long time since they had their drink. Testing their blood alcohol concentration could tell a very different story though.
  • A distracted driver may say that they were paying attention to driving and the road but a social media post at the time of the crash may void that out.
  • A sleepy driver may say that they did not fall asleep at the wheel.
  • It could be said that the weather impacted their vehicle in a way that made it unexpectedly, uncontrollable.
  • The driver was following the road signs or signals but they were not working properly and that’s why they collided with you.
  • The condition of the road was poor and the hazards from a road that was not maintained are what lead to a crash.
  • That another driver on the road who was driving recklessly put them in danger so they had to react and that is why the crash happened.
  • You were the one who was driving erratically and caused the crash.

How to Dispell Excuses of a Negligent Driver

Any number of excuses could be used to deflect responsibility for causing a vehicular accident. But there are many forms of evidence that can show otherwise. Some of these include:

  • Video footage
  • Photos
  • Witnesses
  • The police report
  • Looking at phone records and social media platforms.
  • Examining the road, the signals, and signage that exists.
  • BAC 
  • A truck driver’s black box.

When you are harmed in a Jacksonville car crash, the damages you suffer can be significant. This is especially true if a large commercial truck was involved. For most Florida large truck accidents, the results for those that are riding in smaller passenger vehicles tend to be quite grim. 

While personal injury claims between personal passenger vehicles have the potential to be intricate, large truck claims are many times, even more involved. This is why if you were harmed in a Florida large truck accident it is essential that you get experienced legal counsel on your side to help you unpack your accident situation and determine what parties are liable to pay for your damages. 

To obtain assistance after a Florida truck accident, the Jacksonville truck accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates know how to manage these complex claims.

How to Handle Excuses After a Crash

After a crash, it would not be abnormal if the party that hits you starts to come up with elaborate stories and justifications for their role in causing it. The important thing to remember is that right after a collision happens it can be a confusing, shocking, and highly emotional time. Do your best to stay calm and not engage other than exchanging information and calling the police.

Even if you do not immediately feel symptoms of injuries, seeing a medical professional that understands injuries in the aftermath of a vehicular crash will know how to examine you to see if you may have been harmed. Some injuries have latent symptoms that take time before a person experiences them. Follow your doctor’s orders so you can start the process of healing.

Then, as soon as you can, get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney to help you build and manage your claim. Your attorney can handle communications with the insurance adjuster and guide you on what you should and should not do while your claim is active.

Speak to a Jacksonville Car Accident Attorney Today

Hearing untrue excuses can be frustrating and make an already alarming situation even more stressful. But, with the help of a seasoned attorney, you can improve your chances of securing the most favorable outcome from your Florida personal injury claim.

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