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How Long Does It Take to Receive a Car Accident Settlement?

What is an Expert Witness in a Car Accident Claim?

If you have ever watched crime shows on television, you might have heard of something known as an ‘expert witness.’ What is the function of an expert witness? One of these special types of individuals expresses their expert opinion based on information that is provided to them concerning your car accident. As such, they can be one of the biggest and best factors in your case, helping you gain compensation as you prove negligence on behalf of the other party. Every person who has been injured in a car accident should consider the help of an expert witness in their claim.

What Will an Expert Witness Do for You?

Expert witnesses will use their knowledge of claims to assist you in every aspect of your claim. This means that they will do each of the following things for you:

  • They will provide an expert opinion on their expertise.
  • They will show evidence to the court to back up your claim.
  • The expert will understand how to follow the rules when displaying evidence that can help in your claim.
  • The witness will always be truthful about what they have seen presented to them.

All of these aspects are of vital importance when you are attempting to show that another party is at fault for your accident and could be held liable for the damages that they have caused you.

There are many types of expert witnesses that might be called upon after a car accident, including the following:

Medical Expert: You might call upon a medical expert, such as a practitioner who understands the ins and outs of the injuries that you have sustained and who will be able to show that your injuries actually stemmed from an accident. The expert will review your injury with the court to show them what you should expect to endure throughout the treatment process. 

Mental Health Expert: Mental health experts are another type of practitioner who can show how the accident has impacted you on mental and emotional levels. They can also attest to your quality of life after your accident, especially if you have sustained serious injuries. 

Highway Safety Expert: A highway safety expert or an engineer will be able to testify on behalf of your injuries and talk about the road or transportation conditions at the time of your accident. This is especially necessary in cases where it is believed that a road condition led up to your accident, such as accidents involving municipalities. 

Accident Reconstruction Expert: These types of experts are experienced in rebuilding the events that led to your accident. They might be able to show that another driver was driving on the wrong side of the road before the collision occurred. This will link the accident to your injuries so that you can hold another party liable.

Economist: If you are unable to pay the bills that pile up after your accident or you have missed time at work, one of these experts is absolutely necessary. They will be able to talk to the judge or jury about the employment needs or income that you will require so that you can get back on your feet again.

Help from an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

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