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What to Consider Before You Accept Settlement

Many people understand that, after an accident, it is necessary to collect compensation to pay for a wide array of damages. There are many cases in which settlement is a permanent decision and one that you cannot typically move forward from once you have chosen to settle. This is why it is important to consider many aspects before you move forward with settlement.

You Typically Cannot Sue After Choosing Settlement 

After the discovery process in a personal injury claim, your case will typically head to a settlement before trial. A large percentage of claims are settled rather than sent to trial. This is because a trial can be expensive and messy and many people are aware of this. The other party’s insurance company will typically make you sign a waiver that will make it impossible to bring a claim in court after you have settled your claim.

The waiver not only states that you will not pursue a claim in the future, but it also ensures that you will not pursue the same accident. This means that you will be locked in with whatever you accept as soon as you sign the release. This means that, even if you find out that your injuries have worsened, you might not be able to receive compensation later on down the road. This is why you must be absolutely sure that the settlement covers all of your damages for now and in the future if you require them to be set up that way.

Aspects to Consider Before Accepting a Settlement Offer 

The first settlement offer given to you is usually not the best nor the highest, which is why you should always try to negotiate. It is important to think about these aspects before you sign away on a settlement offer:

Medical Attention Was Received: As soon as your accident happens, it is imperative to receive medical attention so that you can get started on healing from your injuries. However, you also want to ensure that you receive full medical attention because of receiving the largest settlement amount. You will be taken seriously if you receive medical treatment and prove that your injuries were extensive after an accident. 

Economic Impact Considered: If your injury has a huge impact on your life and the way that you live it, such as your ability to make income or enjoy activities that are important to you, it is essential that you pursue compensation through a settlement. 

Spoke with Attorney: Your attorney will speak with you about an offer that is made to you and help you consider if it is enough to cover all of your damages. They will help you understand your release form and talk to you about whether or not what has been offered is actually in your best interest.

Speaking with an Attorney About Your Settlement Offer 

At Sheftall & Associates, we want you to know how important it is that you speak with a Florida car accident attorney after your accident. It is important that you also understand the nature of your injuries and the consequences of signing the release so that you know what you are agreeing to. We have worked with the insurance companies and are dedicated to assisting you through this challenging time. Please contact our law firm at 904-647-2296 for more information on your claim.