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What to Do After Being Injured in an Accident

What to Do After Being Injured in an Accident

The time following a personal injury accident is overwhelming. Dealing with the uncertainty while enduring overwhelming pain and suffering often leave victims in fear. Although it may seem impossible, it is imperative that victims try to remain calm. There are several options available for victims moving forward.

What to Do Immediately After a Crash

What to Do After Being Injured in an AccidentIf you are able to move without harming yourself, take photos of the scene of the accident. If you were injured on another person’s property, take pictures of the property’s conditions. Take pictures of the broken railing, uneven ground surfaces, and slippery areas on the floor. If you were injured in a crash, take pictures of all of the vehicles involved. You will want to contact law enforcement as soon as possible so they can come to the scene and put together a police report for you.

You will want to speak with other parties involved. However, do not apologize or take the blame for the accident in any way. Obtain the insurance and contact information of other drivers or the insurance information for businesses. If there are any witnesses to the accident, gather their names and contact information as well. Their testimony can help you obtain compensation in the future.

After You Gather Evidence

After collecting adequate information, taking pictures, and even recording videos, it is crucial that you get medical treatment for your injuries. Even if you do not feel like your injuries are severe, it is crucial that you receive a full examination to make sure you are not suffering any internal injuries. It is crucial to let medical professionals know of any discomfort you may have so they can track your symptoms in a medical report. This can help you obtain coverage for treatment should you experience delayed onset symptoms.

Protect Your Legal Rights

As soon as possible, you will want to contact a reputable personal injury attorney in your area. Working with a skilled legal team will ensure you are in the best position possible to protect your legal rights. If you were injured in an accident as a result of another person’s actions, you may be entitled to compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, and more.

Let Sheftall & Associates Help You

It is crucial that you understand that you are not alone after being injured in an accident. Working with a skilled and knowledgeable legal team can make a major difference in your ability to secure the compensation you need to alleviate the financial burdens you face moving forward.

Over the years, Sheftall & Associates have helped countless victims protect their legal rights in the aftermath of devastating personal injury accidents. Our personal injury attorneys in Jacksonville strive to help accident victims get the compensation they need to help cover the costs of medical treatment and other damages sustained from their accidents. If you were injured in an accident, contact our law firm at 904-647-2296 for more information as to how our car accident attorneys in Florida can help you.