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What Back and Neck Injuries Can Result from a Car Accident

What Type of Back and Neck Injuries Can a Car Accident Cause?

If you live in Florida, you are at high risk of being in a car accident. This is because Florida is regularly ranked in the top three states for most car accidents reported every year. In 2019, Florida was number three just behind Texas, and then California at number one. In 2020, alone, there were 341,367 car accidents in Florida.

No matter what state you are driving in, being cognizant of the rules of the road and taking the appropriate safety precautions to stay safe and avoid accidents is always recommended. However, not every driver is going to be acting in this way every time they hit the road. Because the prevalence of negligent drivers on the road is so high, so is the risk that comes with driving. This includes being involved in an accident.

There is a wide range of injuries that can result from a car accident. Minor bumps and bruises, lacerations, broken bones, coma, neck and back injuries, and death are just some of the outcomes that can happen. Back and neck injuries are some of the most commonly reported damages that people in a car accident report each year. 

If you were driving in Jacksonville, and you were hit and injured, call the Jacksonville car accident attorneys at Sheftall Law & Associates for assistance obtaining compensation. The lawyers at Sheftall Law offer customer-oriented support, compassion, and unparalleled legal services to improve a victim’s chance of getting the full amount of compensation they are entitled to.

How Serious are Neck and Back Injuries?

What Back and Neck Injuries Can Result from a Car AccidentThe severity of a back or neck injury differs from person to person. All car accidents are different and the level of catastrophe that results also has a range. It is possible to sustain a minor back or neck injury that simply needs time to heal. In other situations, physical therapy, massage, prescription medicines, and other therapeutic means may need to be applied. Then, there are times when surgery is necessary. And in the most tragic instances, the damage done is permanent and a victim will not be able to fully recover and overcome them.

If you were hit by another party, and you suffered back, neck, or another type of injury as a result, you can take legal action. You will first file a claim with your insurance for compensation. But if your injuries were substantial, it is possible to have to also file a suit against the other party’s insurance to cover these expenses. 

What Types of Neck Injuries Can Result from a Car Accident?

A victim that suffers neck injuries may have had the following damages done:

  • Compressions of the nerves.
  • Soft tissue trauma.
  • Broken bones.

Some of the symptoms of a neck injury include:

  • Stiffness and limited range of motion. 
  • Regular headaches.
  • Tingly sensations.
  • Extreme tightness of the muscles.

It is important to have any neck injury examined by a medical professional. The injury may require medical intervention to promote proper healing. Failure to get immediate medical attention and medical care can result in the injury worsening. Then, other ailments can develop like sleep issues. When a person is not getting adequate and restful sleep, they may develop emotional and mood issues like anxiety, anger, and depression.

The most serious neck injuries are those that break the neck’s vertebrae. When this happens it is possible that a person may become paralyzed. It can be incredibly difficult to impossible in some cases, to overcome paralysis.

What Types of Back Injuries Can Result from a Car Accident?

Like neck injuries, those that occur in the back have the potential to be minor or long-term and permanent. These injuries can also be quite devastating. Damaged spinal discs, bone fractures, and soft tissue destruction in the back are all possible after a car accident. The following trauma can result in:

  • Chronic pain.
  • Inability to engage in normal daily activities.
  • Loss of sensation.
  • Loss of movement.

While some back injuries can heal with time, others will only heal to a point and then a victim will still suffer permanent symptoms. Similar to neck injuries therapy, medicine, and surgery may be required to help a victim recover from their back injury. 

The amount of time it takes to fully recover if a complete recovery is possible can be significant. During this time, it is possible that a victim will have to wait to go back to work. Because of this, the victim may be missing out on earning the income they need to pay their bills and survive. It is necessary to get all of the compensation required to recover and pay for both the victim’s initial expenses and those that you may have to manage in the future.

The Jacksonville personal injury attorneys at Sheftall Law can review your case if you suffered a back or neck injury after a car accident and help you secure the most compensation possible from your injury claim. Finding the treatment necessary and taking the time needed to recover from injuries after a car accident should be a victim’s priority. Managing the legal challenges that come with pursuing a personal injury claim should be left to a legal professional.

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It can be very difficult for victims that suffer neck, back, or both of these injuries after a car accident to get through them and recover when full recovery is a possibility. Managing medical treatments and procedures along with paying for them is a lot to take on. Having damages compensated through a successful Florida personal injury claim can help immensely. It can take the stress out of an already distressful situation. 

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