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When a Third Party is Liable for Your Car Accident

What is a third party liability? This arises when a party is held liable for a car accident even though they were not driving at the time. There are various situations where this type of liability arises and you might be left wondering what options you have. Today we will focus on the many ways that third party liability applies to your claims.

Situations Where Third Party Liability Arises 

Employer Responsibility: An employer could be held liable for the acts of their employee under a premise referred to as ‘vicarious liability.’ This is especially true in cases when an employee is driving a company car at the time when an accident occurs. If the employee was working in the line of employment at the time of the accident, the employer will almost always play a role in the claim as well as the driver who caused the accident.

You may say, “The employee who struck me was driving their own vehicle at the time of the collision.” However, if they were acting within their scope of employment and you can show that they were on the clock, you will also have a claim against the company. Employers must always stay aware of who they are hiring so that they do not run into trouble down the line.

Parents Responsible for Their Children: Parents are known for typically lending the family car to their children to use when they learn how to legally drive. However, many parents do not look at the full consequences of these actions and how allowing a child to drive their vehicle could make them liable for any accidents that occur.

The legal doctrine that applies to these cases is known as ‘negligent entrustment.’ If a parent allows their child to drive the family vehicle knowing that the driver is still inexperienced and an accident occurs, this could lead to liability issues. This becomes more prominent in cases involving a child who has a history of bad driving or substance abuse issues. 

Car Owners and Lending: If somebody allows another party to drive their vehicle because they lent it to them for a period of time, this could be seen as a negligent entrustment issue as well. This is why owners of vehicles are urged to think twice before they allow a family member or friend to use their vehicle for anything. The owner’s insurance will be held responsible for the accident, which could cause problems for you. Keep yourself safe and never put yourself at risk by allowing a bad driver to use your vehicle for a period of time.

If You Need Help with Your Car Accident Claim 

Vehicle owners should always think about who they are allowing to drive their vehicle because of these circumstances. If you believe that you have a third liability claim, you have many rights to compensation and should speak with a Florida car accident attorney. Our skilled attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have worked diligently to ensure that the victim’s rights are protected during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Please contact our skilled law firm at 904-647-2296 for more information in your time of need.