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When Internal Organ Damage Stems from a Car Accident

Internal organ damage and bleeding sometimes stem from the blunt trauma that occurs with a car accident. Blunt trauma takes place when a person’s body collides with another object at high speeds, which can happen in the event of a car accident and cause a lot of damage to a victim. Being injured in one of these accidents can be incredibly life-threatening and traumatic, which is why it is imperative that a victim understands that time is of the essence when they are hoping to seek medical treatment.

Internal organ damage and bleeding are life-threatening in some cases due to the fact that a victim might not know that they have been injured until it is too late. You can see injuries to the outside of the body because you see cuts and bruising. However, damage to the inside is not easily seen and might not be felt until hours or days after the accident. No matter what type of accident you have endured, it is important that you seek immediate medical attention for your injuries.

Organs That Are Typically Damaged in a Car Accident 

Spleen: Because of the position where the spleen sits in the abdomen, it is one of the most common organs that is injured in the event of a car accident. The spleen can easily become ruptured and lead to internal bleeding when a forceful accident occurs. Because of the severity of many of these accidents, the spleen may have to be removed after an accident. However, this could put a victim at risk of life-threatening infections, which is why a victim might need treatment for the rest of their life.

Liver: The liver is the biggest internal organ, which means that it could become a target in the event of a car accident. Liver damage is usually quite severe due to the fact that it is an essential organ and helps the body function. A person might receive many symptoms signaling that their liver was damaged in an accident. These include pain in the upper right region of the body, significant blood loss, a weak pulse, and a distended abdomen. A person might require surgery when they have received liver damage. 

Kidneys: Damage to the kidneys can occur when the lower back is struck in a car accident. Complications occur due to these injuries such as infections, leakage of urine, blood pressure issues, and more. When a person seeks delayed treatment, they might be risking their lives.

How Internal Organ Damage Sometimes Stays Hidden 

Some internal organ damage is so painful that it is not always readily apparent. However, sometimes the symptoms are not visible and treatment could become delayed. These are sometimes referred to as ‘hidden injuries.’ If you have been injured in a car accident, it is always imperative to seek the help of a medical professional so that you can be evaluated for one of these serious injuries.

How an Accident Attorney Can Help 

At Sheftall & Associates, our skilled car accident attorneys in Florida have assisted numerous victims who have sustained serious injuries in an accident. Internal injuries are more common than many other types of injuries and can have a huge and lasting impact on your life. Please contact our law firm in Florida at 904-647-2296 to find out how we can assist you at this time.