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Who Do I Sue if I Have Been Injured in a Florida Truck Accident?

Truck accidents have been increasing on U.S. roadways more than ever before. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reported that about 841 truck-related fatalities occurred in 2017 while 725 happened in 2016. With a rise in truck accidents within the entirety of the country, it is important that we work together to prevent these horrific collisions once and for all.

When a victim has been injured in a truck accident or a surviving family has lost a loved one in one of these collisions, they might wonder how they can move forward and bring a lawsuit against a liable party. A person’s first thoughts might be centered toward the driver as individuals question if they should bring a claim against the person driving the truck at the time of the collision. However, because truck accidents are incredibly complex, you might find that other individuals or companies could be responsible for the accident.

Parties Liable in Truck Accident Cases 

Truck Driver: In a large percentage of the truck accident cases that occur on our Florida roads, the driver of the tractor-trailer is held responsible for the circumstances leading up to the accident. Some of these collisions occur due to drivers who are driving intoxicated, following too closely, engaging in reckless acts, driving distracted, and more. If a truck driver caused an accident, you might be able to file a claim against the driver.

Trucking Company: In some cases, a trucking company can also be held liable for the acts of its driver. Even if a truck driver has acted in a negligent fashion, you still have a right to file a claim against the trucking company as well. In some cases, the company can be held liable if they did not do adequate background testing on a driver or if they put a driver behind the wheel who does not have experience operating large trucks on our roadways.

Manufacturer of Parts: Sometimes, truck accidents take place due to a flaw in the manufacturing process. For instance, what if the manufacturer designed a faulty braking system and the driver lost control and was unable to stop? This is a design defect that would call for the manufacturer’s liability. 

Maintenance Provider: Trucks are large vehicles that spend long amounts of time on our roads traveling to and from places. When proper maintenance was not performed on these vehicles as part of a weekly maintenance check, the provider can be held responsible.

Cargo Loader: Every year, a variety of truck accidents happen due to cargo shifting inside the truck. This causes drivers to lose control and can even make their vehicles tip over. In these cases, a cargo loader can be held liable for failing to load correctly.

How a Florida Truck Accident Attorney Can Help

There are many potential individuals to sue in truck accident cases. You might be feeling overwhelmed at this time, as the aftermath of a truck accident is incredibly complex. Our attorneys at Sheftall & Associates have handled a variety of truck accident claims for victims over the years and continue to help them achieve results. Our skilled Florida truck accident attorneys will help you receive compensation for a wide variety of aspects such as lost wages from missing time at work, medical bills that continue to pile up, pain and suffering, and more. Please contact our skilled accident attorneys as soon as possible following your accident at 904-647-2296.