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Who Investigates Florida Motorcycle Accidents

Who Investigates Florida Motorcycle Accidents?

The Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates helps victims of Florida motorcycle accidents preserve their rights and get compensated when they have been harmed after one of these catastrophic incidents takes place. The Florida motorcycle accident attorneys at Sheftall Law have many decades of experience fighting for fair treatment and full compensation to victims that have suffered injuries and families that lost loved ones in motorcycle accidents across northeastern Florida. Because of the extensive damages that can be sustained in a motorcycle accident, it is important to get the very best legal representation that has the most skill and knowledge about these incidents to improve your chances of success with a Florida personal injury claim. There are several reasons why motorcycle accidents in Florida take place and a common reason is from negligent acts of others on the road. The Florida personal injury attorneys at Sheftall Law are here to help you and your family hold careless and reckless parties accountable for the negligent actions they engaged in which caused your harm.

To secure compensation after your motorcycle crash, the way to proceed can vary depending on the details of your case. Your crash may require you to file a Jacksonville personal injury claim against the insurance provider of the party that caused the incident. If you cannot come to an agreeable outcome in terms of a suitable settlement amount, you may have to take your case to court. You will need a legal team that is prepared at any time to litigate your case effectively and strategically should court become a reality. Maybe a government entity is what caused your crash. The guidelines of how to secure compensation in this situation differ greatly from a private party and when you have the right legal counsel you will be best situated to ensure your interests are represented and you get all of the compensation you are entitled to. Sheftall Law can assist you with your legal challenges and your Florida personal injury case after you were injured in a Florida motorcycle crash.

How Many Motorcycles are Registered in Florida?

Who Investigates Florida Motorcycle AccidentsFor people who enjoy the open roads and riding a motorcycle, there is nothing better on a beautiful day. This is why motorcycle ownership continues to increase across the country and more diverse groups of people are getting into riding motorcycles. While males still have the highest motorcycle ownership numbers, women and college-aged individuals are also starting to increase ownership. The United States is reporting record numbers of households that own a motorcycle. 

In 2019, California had the most registered motorcycles when compared to the rest of the nation. The states with the lowest registered motorcycles both private and commercial were Alaska, the District of Columbia, Wyoming, and Rhode Island. Of course, population size has an impact on why some states have more motorcycle ownership than others. Even with the trend that is being seen with people leaving the state of California, it still remains the most populous of all states in the nation. So when compared to Wyoming which is the least populated state in the country, for example, it only makes sense that motorcycle ownership could not compare to California.

In 2019, there were 59,000 motorcycles that were public, private, and commercial registered in the state of Florida. As of 2019, Florida was second behind California for most registered motorcycles in the country. Florida had 591,267 motorcycles registered while California had 808,377 that year.  With over 200 fatalities per billion miles traveled, motorcycles make for the most dangerous modes of transportation that exist in the United States. Florida consistently reports very high fatality rates each year from motorcycle accidents. The year 2016 was a particularly deadly year for motorcycle accidents in the United States.

How Are Motorcycle Accidents Investigated in Florida?

There are risks going out on the road in any vehicle, but motorcycles are by far the most dangerous and the potential for a deadly crash is very high for riders. Sometimes a mechanical issue or defect with a motorcycle can cause a crash. When this happens, a rider may be able to file a Florida product liability claim for compensation. Other times, a rider themself can make errors and misjudgments that lead to a crash. Yet, many times, a motorcycle crash in Florida takes place because of the negligence of another party or entity. Whether an accident took place because a driver was distracted, drunk, driving aggressively, speeding, or violating the rules of the road, there are many miscalculations and quite a bit of poor judgment that is behind many motorcycles crashes in northeastern Florida.

When a Florida motorcycle crash happens, the local police department will investigate the incident. Sometimes the Florida Highway Patrol will examine the situation. Potentially both of these government bodies will look into things. To build a successful personal injury case in Florida, and to make sure that all details are accounted for and that you are properly represented, your Jacksonville motorcycle crash attorney at Sheftall Law will also conduct an independent investigation of your accident. Your attorney will collect all information that exists including those that come from law enforcement agencies. It is always a good idea after any type of traffic incident, including devastating motorcycle crashes, to have a trusted legal professional assessing your case. This is true irrespective of which agency is involved.

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It is incredibly important that you work with a motorcycle accident attorney that you have confidence in and who you know has the background and competency to represent you properly. Motorcycle accidents in Florida can be complicated which is why only an attorney who is proficient and comprehensively understands these cases should be used. Sheftall Law has the Florida motorcycle crash attorneys who have the resources and aptitude to represent you and fight to obtain maximum recovery on your behalf. To learn more, please call ‌(904)‌ ‌638-7712‌ to schedule your completely free consultation.