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Who is Responsible for Employee Car Accidents?

Who is Responsible for Employee Car Accidents?

Being involved in a Florida auto collision often leaves people overwhelmed. This is particularly true in cases where victims suffer serious injuries. In many cases, victims are involved in auto accidents while working. It is important to understand when employers can be liable for resulting expenses.

Involved in a Crash While Heading to Work or Leaving

Who is Responsible for Employee Car Accidents?There are many instances where people are involved in auto collisions while traveling to and from their place of employment. If a worker is inside their own vehicle, they are considered to be “off the clock” at the time of their accidents. As such, their own insurance company will cover the damages or injuries. If another person causes the accident, the victim can seek compensation from the at-fault driver.

An exception to this would be cases where employees make sales calls or visits to clients’ homes. These workers can seek compensation from their employers as the accident occurred during the course of their employment. Working with a car accident attorney in Florida will ensure your legal rights are protected.

Employees Injured in Collisions While Using Company Vehicles

If an accident is caused by a person driving a company vehicle, in most instances the employer will be responsible for the resulting injuries and damages. The exception to this rule includes cases where employees use company vehicles for non-work-related reasons. When an employee is involved in a crash while using a work vehicle for personal reasons, they will have to use their own insurance company to cover the resulting damages.

Running errands and conducting other activities that are not related to work means the driver of the vehicle is responsible, although there is also an exception to this rule. In cases where employers allow drivers who are unqualified to drive, whether due to intoxication, inexperience, unlicensed, or another factor, the employer can be held liable for damages due to their negligent actions.

Accidents Involving Workers Using Personal Vehicles For Work

There are many instances where workers travel for their job. Whether they are running errands for their boss, traveling to clients’ homes, or going between places of employment, their employer is responsible for any accidents that occur. It is important to understand that the travel must have been required of them and the worker had to be approved for the travel by their employer.

There are also many instances where Uber and Lyft drivers are involved in accidents. These workers are generally considered to be contractors. As such, they are required to maintain business auto insurance policies for their vehicles. These drivers are responsible for injuries and damages resulting from their accidents.

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