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Why Pedestrian Accidents Happen on Our Roadways

Pedestrian accidents are on the rise within the U.S., causing catastrophic injuries and taking lives in some cases. According to statistics taken in 2016, over 5,900 pedestrians were killed in serious accidents due to the negligence of others. Many people are at risk and these accidents just continue to increase each and every day. By understanding the reasons why many pedestrian accidents occur, drivers can learn how to prevent these accidents from happening and possibly save lives.

Common Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents 

Distracted Driving: Distracted driving takes thousands of lives on U.S. roads every year, and pedestrians sadly fall victim to these accidents as well. Many of the ways that drivers engage in distracted driving include talking on a cell phone, texting, eating, and talking to passengers instead of putting their focus on the road. Unsuspecting pedestrians might cross the street as normal, especially when they have the right-of-way, only to be plowed over by a driver who was not paying close attention to them. A large number of accidents like these occur due to texting and driving, which is why these acts are banned within the U.S.

Speeding: Speeding is illegal on our roadways, which is why many people receive tickets every year due to this common act. It is also considered to be a type of reckless driving. When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, they are bound to receive injuries. However, these injuries will typically be more catastrophic and even life-threatening if a driver was speeding, which puts victims at risk. 

Intoxicated Drivers: Drivers sometimes drive intoxicated on our roadways through the usage of alcohol or drugs. By engaging in these acts, drivers might not have the same ability to reason or slower reaction time. If a pedestrian darts out in traffic, a driver will likely not be able to stop in time. These accidents can be deadly.

Unmarked Crosswalks: Intersections are a dangerous area for pedestrians, especially in moments of high traffic. When a pedestrian is walking, they should always use a crosswalk. However, if there is no clearly marked crosswalk in an area, a driver is less likely to see the pedestrian. 

Left-Hand Turns: One of the most common types of pedestrian accidents are those that happen in intersections when drivers are making a left-hand turn. The driver’s attention is usually focused on the intersection and not those who might be crossing the street, even if they are doing so legally.

Backing Up: When a person is backing out of their own driveway or a parking lot, they might not see a pedestrian walking behind them who did not notice that they were leaving. In a lot of these cases, those who are struck are children. These accidents are most likely to happen when a driver is more focused on large amounts of traffic instead of anybody who might be walking in the area.

Seeking Help After a Florida Pedestrian Accident 

Pedestrian accidents are highly preventable on our roadways. Speaking with a skilled personal injury attorney at Sheftall & Associates is your best option for moving forward if you or someone you love has been injured in one of these accidents. Our attorneys have dedicated ourselves to helping victims compensate after they have been tragically harmed at the hands of a negligent party. Please contact our Florida law firm for the help you deserve at this time at 904-647-2296.