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Jacksonville, FL – Car Crash with Injuries in NB Lanes of I-95

Five Ways to Tell if Somebody is Driving Drunk

Drivers are supposed to obey by all the rules of the road so that they can prevent horrific accidents from happening and affecting others. Any time of the day, you may encounter a drunk driver on the roads around you. Florida is no stranger to drunk driving accidents. In fact, between the years 2003 and 2012, over 8,400 people were killed in drunk driving crashes. These accidents continue to occur every year within the state, which is why it [...]

Lake City, FL – Car Crash at Greenfield Tower Rd and Thomas Camp Rd

Preserving a Florida Car Accident Through Photographs

Many individuals are injured in Florida car accidents every year; in fact, in just 2018 alone, over 236,000 injuries were reported following these car accidents. The truth is, many of these accidents can be prevented but continue to take place due to the negligence of other parties. After an accident, many victims might be left wondering how they can preserve evidence to help them navigate the legal system. What is the best way to do so? (more…)