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Why Truck Accidents Are Increasing in Florida

Why Truck Accidents Are Increasing in Florida

Large truck accidents are often catastrophic and have devastating consequences. With an increase in demand for products and goods, the number of trucks on the roads continues to rise, and with them, so do truck accidents. In Florida, the number of truck accidents has been increasing, putting other drivers and pedestrians at heightened risk of a severe incident happening and inflicting considerable harm.

If you were injured in a Florida commercial truck accident, filing a Florida personal injury claim is advantageous to securing the compensation you need for your losses. The same is true if you lost a loved one in a large truck accident. The loved ones left behind after a tragic fatal incident have the right to file a claim on behalf of their loved ones. The Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys at The Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates offer experienced and strategic assistance with both wrongful death and personal injury claims in Florida.

How Much Have Truck Accidents Increased in Florida?

Why Truck Accidents Are Increasing in FloridaLooking at the numbers from 2019 through 2020 it is clear, Florida truck accidents were trending upward. This is true even with 2020 being a year that had far less traffic than other years. In 2020, the number of truck accidents that took place was up by 8% from the prior year. By the end of 2020, the state of Florida hit an all-time high record for devastating truck accidents taking place.

The outcome of these accidents was increased calamity for victims. Fatal accidents where a large truck was involved shot up by over 4% in just one year. Since 2010, the number of fatal truck accidents in Florida was up by 36%. As for injuries that have transpired from large truck accidents since 2010, the number is shocking. Injuries from large truck accidents in Florida were 96% higher in 2020.

Every time you head out on the road there is a risk for a crash. But considering the rising number of truck accidents that are being reported across the state of Florida, the possibility of a crash with a truck is much higher now than ever before.

The truck driver, the trucking company, the company that was responsible for loading the truck, can individually, or combined have culpability for a truck accident happening. Truck accident injury claims can be very challenging because of this. Untangling the details of the accident to determine how it happened and which parties are responsible takes a qualified Jacksonville personal injury attorney that knows the system and can identify liability.

The trusted Jacksonville automobile accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates know how to dissect complicated truck accident cases and fight to get the most for their clients. Trucking companies are armed with their own legal teams that will look out for their interests, you should also have a lawyer fighting back and representing yours.

What Is Behind the Increase In Florida Truck Accidents?

When there is a spike in anything in life, there typically has to be a reason or a catalyst explaining why the increase is happening. This is true for the rising numbers of truck accidents throughout the state. There are many reasons why the massive number of injuries and deaths from increased truck accidents is taking place. Some of them include:

  • Demand from brick-and-mortar stores and a surge in online shopping has elevated the need for logistics services all over the nation, including in Florida.
  • Florida’s large population means the state has a much higher need for goods and services to accommodate its massive resident population. In 2021, Florida had a population just behind Texas and California with close to 22 million people.
  • In central Florida, the several heavily traveled roadways and highway systems connecting the state to large warehousing operations mean more trucking traffic in and out to transport cargo.
  • People from other areas of the country are flocking to Florida at a record pace.

Increased Truck Traffic and Florida

Increased trucks on the road have their benefits and their downsides. More goods can get to consumers faster and more efficiently than when there are not as many truckers traveling about. The economy benefits from consumer spending on such cargo that the trucks are packed full with.

The drawback of extra trucks on the road is the accidents that result and to which most have catastrophic outcomes. This is predominantly true for passengers that are traveling in much smaller cars. Due to the many types of distractions that all drivers, including truckers, can have, distracted driving accidents are also happening with high frequency and this can explain why some truck accidents are occurring. 

Handheld devices are particularly pernicious while behind the wheel because they are incredibly hard to put down for most people even when they are not driving. But grabbing your phone can easily cause you to be distracted while you are driving. Whether it be reading emails, looking at GPS, sending a text, or any other action that can be done on one of these devices, it is very dangerous to use one while driving.

While distracted driving is a major contributor to truck accidents there are also other reasons why truck accidents happen including but not limited to:

  • Improper loading of cargo.
  • Truck driver fatigue.
  • Lack of training.
  • Poor truck maintenance.

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Car accidents can happen in a variety of ways and between many different types of vehicles. Truck accidents are a serious issue in Florida and across the country. They inflict a tremendous amount of physical bodily harm, death, and destruction to personal property. Getting the treatment necessary to recover from injuries is expensive and can be a stressful process. Victims deserve to get the full amount of compensation that they need to pay for all of the damages that were suffered from their truck accident.

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