Sharing the Roads with Motorcyclists in the Safest Ways

In 2018 alone, it was reported that approximately 4,985 motorcyclists lost their lives in motorcycle collisions in the entire United States. Many states have implemented a variety of laws to ensure that motorcyclists are kept safe from harm at all times. This is due to the fact that motorcyclists have few protections from harm in the midst of an accident. Because of this, drivers who share the roads should always abide by the rules of the road and practice safety around these vulnerable parties on our roadways. 

Why Drivers Tend to be Nervous Around Motorcyclists 

Motorcycles are incredibly small vehicles on our roads, which makes them more difficult to see compared to other vehicles. On top of that, they often appear to be further away than they actually are, which can cause an accident in the blink of an eye. Motorcycle accidents tend to be more injurious and deadly due to the fact that they lack the same safety that other large vehicles have. For instance, they do not have seat belts and airbags, which puts riders at more of a risk.

Remembering Safety Around Motorcyclists 

There are some tips that every driver should keep in mind that will help them avoid a serious collision. These include the following:

4-Second Rule: It is a known rule that you should keep your distance between your vehicle and a motorcycle because running into one of these small vehicles can cause serious and fatal results. This means that you should maintain a 4-second distance away from them. If you stay away from a motorcycle, it can give you time to expect the unexpected in the event of a road mistake or hazard. 

Remember Weather: Sometimes it is difficult to prepare for what the weather has in store. Inclement weather is even more dangerous for motorcyclists than it is for drivers. This means that a motorcycle could lose control in the blink of an eye whether due to road conditions like potholes or weather such as unexpected ice. You should always leave space to prepare for these events.

Turning: Many of the accidents that involve vehicles and motorcycles happen due to turning. For instance, 44% of fatal motorcycle accidents in 2013 allegedly took place because of left turns at intersections. Many vehicle drivers do not pay attention to what is happening around them, which is why these accidents happen in the blink of an eye. It is important to proceed with caution and watch out for these vulnerable parties everywhere you go. 

Check Blind Spots: Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, which is why it is easy for them to slide into a blind spot where they are not easily seen. If a motorcycle is trying to pass you, you might not see them. Make sure that you use your mirrors and turn around so that you can check your blind spots at all times.

Speaking with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney 

Motorcycle accidents in Florida can have a huge impact on a rider’s life. At Sheftall & Associates, our accident attorneys understand how overwhelming an accident can be in your life, especially when you have obtained serious injuries. We are here to help you navigate the legal system and work toward results in your time of need. Please contact our skilled attorneys at (904) 638-7712 for more information on your options moving forward at this time.

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