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The Growing Trucking Industry is Contributing to the Increasing Traffic Accidents

Is Growing Trucking Industry Contributing to Increasing Traffic Accidents?

Driving near 18-wheeler trucks in Jacksonville poses a greater threat of harm than driving near another fairly comparably sized automobile. The amount of destruction that a commercial truck can inflict on smaller vehicles is significant. People driving in a passenger sedan, for instance, will be much more vulnerable to devastating and catastrophic injuries if an 80,000 pound, up to 80 feet long beast slams into them. Victims that survive Jacksonville commercial truck accidents and the families of those who do not can file a Jacksonville personal injury claim or wrongful death claim for compensation when the truck driver, the trucking company, or other party associated with a commercial truck’s operations is negligent and that failure causes their Jacksonville tractor-trailer accident.

18-wheeler tractor-trailer accidents are much more complex than are accidents between two private passenger vehicles. There are several parties that have a role in getting a commercial truck and its cargo onto the road. That means that any one of these parties or a combination of these parties can be held accountable for financially compensating victims for their damages if errors were made. Victims will increase their ability to obtain the highest amount of compensation after a Jacksonville vehicular accident when they work with an experienced Jacksonville personal injury attorney. 

In specific, if you were harmed by a reckless commercial truck in Jacksonville, then it is imperative for you to work with a legal team that has extensive experience investigating commercial truck accidents, correctly identifying liable parties, and building strong cases that win. Because of the calamitous nature of commercial truck accidents, settlement amounts tend to be higher with these incidents. Not obtaining the full amount of compensation after a tractor-trailer accident could be ruinous to a victim’s personal finances and quality of life. Do not take a chance with a law firm or attorney that is not knowledgeable or proficient with commercial truck accident cases. The Jacksonville commercial truck accident attorneys at Sheftall Law have the background, experience, and skills to ensure you get the most out of your Jacksonville personal injury claim.

Are Commercial Truck Accidents Increasing in the United States?

The Growing Trucking Industry is Contributing to the Increasing Traffic AccidentsThe trucking industry is a critical part of the economy in the United States. Commercial trucks help stores keep their shelves full of goods and produce, they make sure that factories have their parts and tools, and they keep America going. Without trucks transporting cargo from destination to destination, the country would be paralyzed. However, the long hours on the road, the isolated lifestyle, and the demanding deadlines for deliveries puts a lot of pressure on truck drivers. When a trucking company is pushing unsafe driving practices by encouraging ignoring Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines, if a truck’s cargo is not loaded and secured properly, is overloaded with goods, not properly maintained, or if the driver is not appropriately trained, then the risk for accidents while in transit is very high.

Using trucks to transport goods from place to place is thought of as the number one way to get this unique and complex job done. In fact, approximately 70% of all goods and merchandise get to their final destination by way of the truck. Due to the fact that the country relies so heavily on the trucking industry, it continues to grow and as it gets bigger more commercial trucks are traveling about on the country’s roadways. While the United States is able to operate because of the service commercial trucks provide, drivers that share the roads with large trucks are increasingly at risk for major damage and harm because of the rising number of truck accidents that are taking place.

There are almost unlimited examples of reckless truck drivers and companies that have caused significant destruction after traffic accidents. The examples are not just those of the past, they continue to be a problem now and presumably, will be a growing issue in the future. A recent estimate of the leading causes of death put dying from commercial truck accidents as the fifth most prevalent reason for fatalities in the U.S. by 2030.

Fast Facts about Commercial Tractor-Trailer Truck Accidents

Every year, commercial truck accidents take lives. When commercial truck accidents in Jacksonville are not deadly, they are inflicting considerable physical bodily harm onto their victims. Approximately 130,000 people will be seriously injured and hurt in a commercial truck accident in the United States every year and that is not all. Commercial truck accidents:

  1. Have increased by 52% since 2009.
  2. Were involved in 74% of all reported deadly passenger vehicle incidents.
  3. Can have driver error that leads to an accident, but most often, or 30% of the time it is issues or defects with tires that cause accidents.
  4. Get into accidents the most often during the daytime. The most dangerous time where the most commercial truck accidents occur is between 12:00 noon to 3 p.m. Truck accidents are 19% more likely to happen during this timeframe.
  5. Cause passenger vehicle occupants to suffer death the majority of the time. Passenger vehicle occupants make up 68% of the death that results after a commercial truck accident takes place.

Speak with an Experienced Jacksonville Commercial Truck Accident Attorney Today

The life-changing aftermath that can happen after an 18-wheeler accident in Jacksonville can be very overwhelming and distressful for victims to overcome. If a reckless truck driver or a careless and irresponsible trucking company are the reason why you or a loved one sustained such shocking and permanent damages after an accident, the Jacksonville commercial truck accident attorneys at Sheftall Law can help. 

You need maximum recovery from your Florida personal injury claim and the talented and strategic Florida commercial truck accident attorneys at Sheftall Law will work to ensure you get what you deserve and are entitled to. To schedule your free consultation with one of the compassionate and talented attorneys at Sheftall Law please call ‌(904)‌ ‌638-7712‌ today. It is imperative that justice is served and that you are treated properly with the most compensation possible after you were victimized by the negligent actions of a commercial truck.